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Oculus app for PC - Needs to be fixed!!

Level 2

Hi all. I am temporarly using an ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO graphics card on my PC, while my RX 570 is repaired. I have connected my Quest 2 with the data cable to my PC, and the PC oculus app tells me I have to update the controllers of the graphic card to the version 17.11.2, otherwise it does not let me connect to the Quest 2 or to even do the transfer speed test. But that controller's version is not supported by this graphics card! And the program does not allow me now to do anything with the glassess until I update. And if I tried to update to the version that the oculus app wants, the controller's installer fails because it detects that the graphic card is not compatible! My PC is a Windows VR ready, and everything worked fine. Any idea what can be done? I have already uninstalled the drivers I had and reinstalled the most updated ones possible.

And please, whoever is responsible for the oculus app fix this! Or make optional to delay those stupid updates!