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Oculus cheaper In US than UK

Level 2

Hi there,

I am wishing to purchase a oculus quest 2. I went to go by one and realized that it was £299 in the uk and $299 in the us. If you dont know $299 is about £220. All i want to know is why its cheaper in the us and also is there a way I can get it delivered to the UK with the us version?




Level 6

If you get it from the US you will have to add shipping cost and GB import taxes to the US-price which will add up to significantly more than the GBP 299,-- in your country....

Ah okay thanks.

US prices are usually advertised without taxes. Once they are included the price usually evens out. That still catches me out in US shops, or at least it did back in the days when visiting the US was feasible.