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Oculus for Business vs. Consumer- Help!

Level 2
My company is looking to begin implementing VR content for training and I need to recommend either the Oculus for Business or Consumer version. I know the different price points and pros/cons of each, but what I haven't gotten a straight answer about is this-

1) If we go with the Business version, if a developer not affiliated with Oculus' ISV program creates content in Unity, can that be loaded to the headset? How? It said sideloading wasn't an option for Business. We also have some existing 360 videos but not sure how we can load those to the Business versions.

2) If we go with the Consumer version, and purchase 20 headsets, do we need to create 20 Facebook profiles (1 for each device)?

Does anyone have experience with this, especially the Oculus for Business versions? I don't know the better route at this early stage. Thanks for your help!


Level 2
Hi nritzau, any luck with Oculus for Business enrollment ?