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Oculus has my headset for over 40+ days now

Honored Guest

So my quest 2 had issues such as black screen errors in the middle of an intense game. It also had really bad tracking issues and drift on the controllers. So I contacted Oculus support. They said they could open an RMA for a full kit replacement. I thought that would be cool and I asked if I would be getting a NEW kit and they responded with “I’m delighted to inform you we are doing a full kit replacement, you will be receiving a new unit for replacement as well.” And then the guy started talking about what a refurbished headset is and and that it works just as well. So I’m still not clear on whether I’m getting a brand new kit or not but if it is refurbished I’m gonna have a problem because I didn’t pay for used stuff. Anyways I shipped the headset out on July 27th and UPS emails me that my headset arrived at an oculus warehouse on July 29th. I didn’t get an email from oculus saying they received my headset until August 2nd. After weeks of waiting for an email from oculus I didn’t receive I reached out to them and I asked what was going on and they told me that they are low on inventory and are working hard to get stocks back up. We’re already long past how long it was supposed to take, I was told it would take 8-12 days for the entire process. This is day 41 without my headset. Now I’ve asked customer support many times on when they will be able to ship out my headset and they give me the same answer every time which was that they were working hard to get stocks up. This was unacceptable for me so I asked them to let me talk to someone who could give me a concrete time or compensation because I mean, how are you gonna just not tell me anything and ask me to keep waiting. It’s honestly unfair to your customers to tell them when they will be receiving a replacement, fail to deliver by the deadline, and not offer anything to make up for it.