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Oculus link speed change

Level 2

Dear VR Community,


I have a win 10 pc, 16gb ram, i7 6700, MSI Z170A motherboard, gtx 1070 and I'm trying to connect my Quest 2 with a NEWZEROL 6m USB C cable. After the initial setup (about 2 months ago) I got 2gbps result at the USB speedtest, but now I get only around 700 mbps. I recently updated my motherboard bios and win10 usb drivers but I cant get my speed back to that 2gbps. Could anyone help me with some advice?


Thanks in advance!



Level 3

The same with me. I also just noticed that I only get 1.1Gbps instead of 2.1Gbps. Everything with unchanged components. And I just tried it again on my laptop ... I only get 882mbps ... 2 weeks ago it was a good 1.4-1.5Gbps

What's going on here?

I actually only looked for it because HL: Alyx just felt a bit choppy to me.

Level 2

There are a lot of people saying the same, its because of the new update 27, some people are saying it is to force you to buy an official oculus cable!?!?? 

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Nah man, it's every bit as bad on my official Link cable as it is on my cheap third party one.

Level 3

Same here. Plus, stuck at 72hz. Disappointing!