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Oculus link to any usb c

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I am thinking to get one soon and I am wondering if the usb c link is compatible with any usb C on a computer. To be specific my gaming laptop is a vr compatible MSI GS65 with a 1070 inside. 


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Spec wise, yes but laptops have been known to have issues.  Before you spend 80 on a link cable just get a third party usb type 3 a to c cable, some are only like 20 dollars on amazon.

laptops have a habbit odf defaulting to the IGPU.  Also you can experirment with the usb cable provided in quest 2 box, to start its usb 2, but they just patched so the software can work over usb 2.0 just you will see higher latency.

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I see ill give that a shot wish me luck 🙂