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Oculus link with a low spec laptop

Level 2
I'm just letting people know after hours of trying to find out and having no success if a lower spec laptop could run the oculus link and it can, just depends on the visuals. I only got to use vader immortal to try out and it seemed fine for the most part. I did experience some crashing while trying to set up the link with the laptop.

If you have this same laptop make sure windows is up to date as well as your drives in your geforce experience, use a usb 3 port with a anker or official oculus cable (I don't have the party link cable)

My laptop specs (acer nitro 5)
Intel i5 8th gen
GPU GTX 1050 4G DDR5 

I don't know a great deal about computers but I just hope this helps anyone who is in the same position as me with a budget game laptop. 

Level 2
would it work with a geforce 820m?