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Oculus needs to enable family sharing for households with more than one headset!

Level 2

It is unacceptable that parents have to buy the same game for each headset.  If the headsets are all registered to you, then all purchases should be accessible between all headsets. Families would buy more games, and there would be more interest but you have to make these cost effective.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Enderpearl303, thanks for reaching out. While we don't have much info to share just yet, there are updates coming soon to how app sharing works. If you'd like this feature to be added, you can always share your voice here:!

Level 2

I agree, we need it now.

I bought 4 Oculus 2 headsets for Christmas. We want to play together as a family, but I found out that I can only turn on app sharing on one device. I want all 4 headsets to be able to share and play games together. Is this not possible? I cannot afford to buy 4 versions of the same game so the 4 of us can play together. I will be returning these if that is not possible.