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Oculus won't replace my defective Controller




I bought an Oculus Quest 2 4 months ago.


Now the left controller is broken. It is stuck in a continuous Firmware Update Loop and the headset doesn't recognize it anymore. I have googled a lot about this issue and have found that it is a known problem that many users have had and the only way to fix it is to replace the controller.


So I contacted Oculus Support about it. First of all: this was the worst customer support I have ever experienced.

The guy made me go through the typical checklist for dummies ("Have you tried turning it off and on again?" etc.). This went on for multiple back and forths. Sometimes I waited multiple days in between. Then he finally acknowledged that the controller has to be replaced.


So he made me give him the serial number of the controller and the headset, my account information, shipping address etc.


After I did all that he told me he can't ship it to me, because I'm in germany and oculus doesn't support that region. WTF? That is the first time ever that a major company told me they don't offer to ship to germany. On top of that I contacted the GERMAN support and talked to them in GERMAN the entire time. So they obviously knew I'm german from the start. Why the hell did they then waste my time making me jump through all those hoops if the were never gonna send a replacement in the first place.


To add insult to injury he told me I could have it shipped to some other supported country and then ship it from there to germany but I would have to pay for all the shipping. How freaking ridiculous is that?


Bottom line: I'm never gonna buy anything from Oculus again.


Honored Guest

Take out the battery and clean the inside where the + and - sides of the battery touch the controller with q tip and alcohol, then put a small piece of aluminum foil at each side and replace battery.  Worked like a charm for mine! Good luck!!