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Oculust Quest 2 is very blurry

Level 2

Hello guys,  a few days ago I bought a Oculust Quest 2 ( 256gb version ) and I'm pretty dissapointed. Everything is very blurry when i put the link cable. I can't even read the subtitles in the games or menu. Steam vr is also very blurry. When I'm using only the headset it's ok.. still blurry but I could live with that. My friend has an oculus quest 1 and he says that his images are very sharp while using the link. Mine are not at all and my headset is suppose to be better than a oculus quest one. I tried to change the ipd, i adjusted it on my head, I changed the resolution from the oculus app, i played with oculus debug but nothing has worked. Any advices ?


Level 2

Hi! I'm just a normal guy with a quest 1 and 2. I think maybe your PC isn't the most VR capable PC. Mine was still more blurry too with the quest 2 over my Valve Index. In the oculus app, there's a button under device setting with resolution and Refresh Rate. Maybe this'll help 🙂