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Order Two Oculus Quest 2s and only received one, unable to get ahold of anyone at customer service.

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Does anyone have any tips on how to get ahold of a real person at Oculus?  I just ordered two Oculus 2 units for my son and I for Christmas.  Both units had the same tracking number but I was only shipped one.  I've tried emailing, chat support, Oculus Facebook, Oculus Whatsapp all with no luck.  Any suggestions on how I get this resolved?



Chat support is an actual person, but that doesn't mean you are going to get any help.  I would suggest trying chat again.  They should be able to verify your order number and at least tell you who the shipper is and the tracking number.  If they cannot, I would ask them to cancel the order.  I would stop payment on the credit card too.  Get it through Amazon.  If you have a quality or shipping problem, you are at least dealing with someone who can help.  

Hello Phil, this is totally what we don't like to hear. We understand how frustrating this can be. Please contact Oculus support as soon as possible and provide them with your order number and your Rma information. You can chose to do a live chat or through email. I will recommend to do a live chat, most of the time it's quicker. 

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