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Pair new controllers

Level 2

Hi. I have a new right Oculus Touch controller. However Oculus Quest cannot see it. I search for any advice to re-pair controllers, but all manuals (even the official Oculus manual) says that I should use phone app to un-pair and pair again the controllers. But it looks like that the manuals are incorrect.


Manual says to open the app, choose Quest and open Devices in bottom right corner and then select Controllers.  BUT THERE IS NO DEVICES OPTION. There is Settings option with no controller or devices sub-menu. I went through all options, but there are no Controllers settings for the Oculus Quest.


Please help.


Level 2

I had to reinstall the Oculus app on the phone and Devices option is now visible. Probably some old version of the app. Strange it was not updated automatically.


But now I have a new problem. When I open Devices and try to add my Quest, it is searching for the device, but it is never found. I tried to restart both Quest and Phone, but it didn't help. The App cannot find my Quest.

Hey Shalx,


We understand that troubleshooting is a lot less fun than being in VR, but rest assured we will get this pairing issue resolved! Thanks for listing the troubleshooting steps you've taken so far, that's very helpful.


First, let's make sure your phone and your Quest are on the same Wi-Fi network. This article will walk you through selecting a Wi-Fi network for your Quest.


Once you've confirmed they are on the same network, if you're still running in to the same issue, can you reply with a screenshot of the devices menu in the Oculus app?


Also, is your right controller working as expected now, or are you still running in to an issue with pairing it?


We're happy to continue troubleshooting in this thread, but we do have a live support chat option as well. You can reach out here:​​​​​​

Level 2

I kept Quest turned off overnight. Now the App can find it. I can unpair the Right controller and pair a new one.


But there is something wrong. When I pair it, it says that firmware is updating and after about 10 seconds, it says that the controller is successfully paired. But it is not.

It cannot be seen in Quest, and in the app, there is no info displayed for Firmware and Battery.

And every time when I press some button it starts blinking SOS (...---...)

Hey Shalx, thanks for following up! Try removing the battery from your controller for 2-3 minutes and then reboot your headset.


If you're still running into trouble and have not done so yet, please send us a support ticket here so we can further troubleshoot this issue!



Level 2

Im already solving it in a ticket 3397624

You can close this one.


BTW? Batteries did not help