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Permissions and DLNA servers

Expert Protege

Has anyone else had issues recently with gaining access to DLNA servers that they have set up?  I have my PC set up to stream videos and use several of the VR video players like Devo and SkyBox as well as Pigasus to view the videos.  Until just recently I had no issues connecting to my computer via the DLNA services.  Now though it seems like something has changed in the permissions in the headset Quest 2 (v29) and I am no longer able to see the files.  Permissions are still the same on the PC and I can still access the files on other devices.  Anyone else noticed this?


Honored Guest

I'm also trying to find information about dlna. I'm trying to access my hdhomerun. It shows up in both bigscreen and skybox but it appears to be "empty" (skybox) or I get an "unable to connect" error (bigscreen) 

Make sure that the drive or folder that you have your files in is shared under the properties for that drive or folder.  Also, make sure that you have full access granted under permissions and that you have the media streaming turned on under advanced sharing settings.

Thanks for your reply. I can access the hdhomerun just fine using other devices. The issue only exists on the oculus quest.