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Please Help With Oculus Link Lag

Level 2
Hey guys,

I would really appreciate some help with the lag I am experiencing with Oculus Link. I have looked at every forum I could find, contacted Oculus Support, and make lots of reddit posts, but no fix I have tried has seemed to help me; here's the situation, I'll try to organize it and give as much information as I can.

GPU: RTX 2070 Mini OC
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

I am currently using the recommended ANKER cable. I am plugging it into the back of my computer on a slot that says "VR Ready" (I thought that made the most sense). The games I have tried are Phasmophobia, Rec Room, and Blade and Sorcery.

In Phasmophobia, I get decent FPS most of the time, but when lots of people are near me, and sometimes without reason, I'll dip down to 30 fps for a while. 
In Rec Room, I experience the same lag as I do in Phasmophobia, just this on and off kind of thing.
In Blade and Sorcery, loading into any big maps, or doing a mode that is more than a 1v1 will put me at 30 fps.

Here is some other useful information;
  • My computer monitor shows the lag I am experiencing in my headset. 
  • FPS never goes past 72 (which I think is intentional but I don't know)
  • I have Steam and Oculus open at the same time, this seems to be required to play SteamVR games, but seems like it may cause a framerate issue?
  • I have tried uninstalling GeForce Experience... enabling 'fast' V-sync in my driver settings... turning down graphics... setting high priority to OVRserver.exe (or something along that line)... reparing game files... messing around with power settings... messing around with USB power settings... plugging in my cable directly into my GPU with an adapter (HDMI-USB C/ Display Adapter- USB C)... using Virtual Desktop... using the oculus tray tool to use optimal encoding settings for the 2070)... and probably so many other things, that just have not worked.
If there is ANY other specific information you guys need let me know, I'll respond as fast as possible, and I thank you guys in advance for helping me out, this is starting to get me very upset, as I have spent the past two days researching any fixes for this lag.