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Please Support ExFAT

Level 2
Just noticed that the Oculus Quest only supports FAT32 for USB drives. That's kind of crazy considering the FAT32 format only allows files up to 2GB and lots of VR videos are 6GB+. The Oculus Quest should definitely support ExFAT so that larger files can be used.

Of course, this assumes that Oculus Gallery is updated to allow you to view videos from USB devices. As it stands you can only view videos loaded into internal storage.

That said, great device. As a Rift owner I see some pretty cool advantages to the portable, self contained Quest.

Level 9
FAT32 is actually 4GBs, but it's still the same issue. The Oculus Go has the same problem. But, there are workarounds for reading NTFS or exFAT. It works through Oculus TV, but it only works with 2D content.

Level 3
I've only used NTFS for everything and all my .mp4 files work great. Some are 720p,1080p and VR HD,4k,5k,6k all very large files streamed thru my home network.

Level 9
I'm actually building a portable wireless NAS using a Raspberry Pi and a 4TB WD My Passport drive. The Quest will be able to connect directly without the need for a router. And since it's a Pi, it runs on 5v...can power from a battery pack if I'm on the go.

Level 3
I'd like to second this request -- it would be awesome to have exFAT support for USB devices attached via OTG adapters (or even directly -- USB C-equipped thumb drives exist, some of them quite tiny, and it would be rad to be able to plug one in without an OTG adapter!)

Level 2

exFat has been supported on Android since KitKat so we know it's possible - seems like a strange omission given the sizes of VR media, especially 360 vids

Level 3
Why is this still not possible?  :open_mouth:

Level 2
I, also, request this feature.

Level 2

This needs to be patched in a system update. I was SO close to buying a quest 2 but refuse to until this is fixed. Its a bit ridiculous that you cant play 4+GB videos off an external hard drive in 2021...

Level 3

ExFat its owned and licensed by Microsoft. 

Oculus probably doesn't want to pay license fees on every device for a feature only 1% of owners will use.


However, it would be nice to have the option to pay for an optional "exFat license" to unlock exFat. Price it under $5, then everyone is happy.