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Problem connection oculus link

Level 2
Hello everyone,
I regularly have a problem with the connectivity it seems from my pc to my oculus quest 1. when I plug it in,
the oculus application does not recognize my oculus as plugged in. However, I have the oculus which loads and
the data sharing message which appears in my oculus. Sometimes there is a semblance of connection, only the
pc application launches, loads, then closes without being launched, and this in a loop. I have the official
oculus cable and I am connected to usb 3.1. what I do not understand is that some time ago it worked without
problem sometimes, and yesterday impossible to make it work, even by restarting the pc with the oculus
already connected, which sometimes solved the problem before. If you have any ideas as to why I am having
this problem or if a similar post already exists, do not hesitate! If you need more infos, tell me !
thank you !