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Quest 1 vs Quest 2

Level 2
Hello everyone,

Can some of you please advise me of how the Quest 1 compares to the Quest 2 (from personal experience)? I had a Quest 1 and sold it, in anticipation of the Quest 2.

My initial reasons for holding off on the Quest 2 are the lack of a full IPD slider and the Facebook login requirement. I find myself missing VR and I would like to know if the Quest 2 is worth my consideration.

- are the new IPD settings lack luster?

- is the increased resolution and 90 Hz significantly noticeable/better (is Link better now)?

- how is the comfort compared to the Quest?

- any difference in FOV?

Thanks in advance!

Level 5
I heavily debated the Quest 1, but it was always a bit too expensive and didn't seem to have enough power. Got the Quest 2 on launch day, so I can't really compare. 
- IPD settings are not perfect. I have IPD of around 66mm so I'm right in between to settings. You can put the Lenses in between two settings though and that works best for me.
- I personally don't really feel the difference between 72hz and 90hz. I have to use 72hz most of the time and lower than native resolution, but it's nice to know I still have headroom for when I upgrade my PC. And 90hz does feel smoother. It's just more "subtle" for me, where other people describe it as night and day.
- can't say, but comfort is great with Elite Strap.
- cannot comment on FOV difference.
- Facebook has not been an issue for me at all. I set up a new profile for my Quest 2 and turned off all social features. I completely forget that FB is even involved...

The biggest thing I imagine, is the screen and new Link. When you use native resolution and bump up encode bitrate in a well optimized game like HL:Alyx it looks like a perfect high definition TV. Everything is sharp, you don't see any pixels... 
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