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Quest 2 Controller cursor is stuck in the middle of headset screen

Level 2

Ok so it’s been about 2 months my batteries in the remote finally died so I put some brand new batteries in of course well it’s played well for about 2 days and now my control cursor is stuck in the middle of the password screen I’ve taken out batteries replaced again tried to regular reset but when I get to the power off and reset screen my cursor still doesn’t move to select reset that way so I just hard reset pressing and holding the power button but when it comes back on the cursor is still stuck I’ve tried everything under the sun it won’t let me disconnect remotes to try and repair either. ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCED THIS PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @alleged-ghost09, If you haven't already please open a support ticket with us here and we will be happy to assist you. Thanks!