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Quest 2 Dash fatal error on cable hook up

Honored Guest

I get a Dash fatal error message when link Quest 2 via cable to PC. I am using the Oculus cable. I get a green light when test connection. Quest 2 works fine until click on link quest 2 to PC via the cable.
Only modification is PC does not have a USB C port so am using an adaptor to connect to a USB 3.0 port on PC.
I tested on an older PC with a USB port, works fine.
Speculation is error is related to using the adaptor despite the Test connection being green ?
Any ideas ?
The PC is new which want to use for Microsoft Flight Sim VR but unfortunately no USB C port.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! If you haven't already, please open a support ticket with us here and we will be happy to assist you. Thanks!

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