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Quest 2 - First impressions


Set this up last night, not done too much with it yet but this is my thoughts so far.

(based on comparison to my 1st memories of the CV1 setup... its been a while tbh)

2021-04-25 15-55-14.JPG


The bad (most of which are resolvable I hope)

I'm still worried about the Facebook thing messing up and it becoming unusable.

 I found the headset wanting to slip down a little bit.  This is enough to lose the sweet spot where things are nicely in focus.  Tightening the strap to avoid that (just enough to hold it where it needed to be) resulted in a serious red forehead line where the foam presses against me.  I  felt it comfortable enough during my hour of setup, but clearly the foam comfort and the face fit in order to hold it evenly wasn't that great.
With the glasses separator installed, I found it not very comfortable with glasses on. (and my glasses are not big)

My PC doesn't have USB-C, so I was not able to buy the official link cable.


The Good

Overall... Wow.
Setup and guardian seemed soo much easier not having to setup the external sensors this time.  The wireless feeling of freedom felt absolutely magical. I loved it.

Controllers seem much better quality now, smooth action and quiet (my CV1 ones trigger springs squeaked out the box)

Visuals seem nice and clear and a good field of view, things as I expected have improved I would say.

The tap to passthrough thing, so that I can see my room from inside the headset was great.

I had bought a 3rd party USB-C to USB3-A lead, and managed to get Oculus Link to work, so I could use my old Rift content, so that's good.  Seemed fiddly to get it talking... I didn't get a popup in the headset to enable it but found it in settings myself, so not intuitive as I saw in Youtube.  Perhaps that's cos it was a 3rd party lead, I don't know.
Software is not on 28 yet so look forward to trying that wireless link too.



So to combat the comfort, I've ordered a VR Cover for the face, so hopefully that will be better.
Also getting some lens protector thing to cover the lenses when not in use.
I've never tried one, but buying a Halo type head band thing to try.  I saw a few others out there too so may try something else as well depending on how the halo one goes.
Ordered the prescription lenses to try so that I don't have to wear my glasses or pop in contacts. 


Random question - Long time ago I bought Virtual Desktop already in the Oculus store (Rift), yet I noticed it in the Quest for sale.  Must I buy this again inside the Quest? 












"You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln 


Well I got the VR Cover soft PU leather thing now for the face, and the halo style head band.
This improved the comfort greatly, I had a decent go last night and no red forehead mark so Ill run with that for now. 
Tried the demo of beat sabre.  Yeh thats fun and one for my buy list.

Looking forward to the prescription lenses coming.  I got lazy with my contact lenses during lockdown and kind of got used to wearing my glasses.  I dont like the feeling of glasses in the headset, and it sux using a pair of contacts for an hour in the evening.  Hoping they resolve that, then thats pretty much all my bad list taken care of.  

"You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln 


Yeah, the stock strap and facial interface are less than ideal, but luckily there are plenty of alternatives available. VR Cover was a must (as it’s been on all my headsets), and I use the elite strap. I know some people have had breakage problems, but I’ve had mine from day one with no sign of a problem.


With those comfort upgrades, the Quest 2 is the most comfortable headset I’ve owned. 

DK2, CV1, Go, Quest, Quest 2, Quest 3.

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