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Quest 2 Link returns to quest home

Honored Guest

When I allow my device to access data and enable link, I get the 3 dots and black screen and I am returned to the quest home screen after about 5 seconds. On the computer end of things, the quest disconnects and quickly reconnects when I try to enable link from the headset. I have already disabled all of the suspended power settings on windows for the USB ports, updated all drivers and software. I have used the debug tool to set encoded bitrate to 0.

Everything is setup as required, I have spent hours already trying to find a fix. I have tried the oculus app version 28 (opted in beta) and version 27 (opted out of beta) in addition my Quest 2 is on version 27 with no updates available.

Is there anything else I could try? any one else with similar issues?

Oculus is brand new a few days old. Link cable is genuine.


Honored Guest

Having same issue. When I launch pop-up says something went wrong. It works fine with $20 Virtual Desktop so why doesn't it work with the $120 Link Cable? PC App always shows that my touch controllers aren't connected either? What gives?


The same issue, cant cope up with it.