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Quest 2 Official Carrying Case (everything but it doesn't allow you to charge the device)

Level 2


I can't be the only person in the entire world who owns and uses this accessory every day that finds it incredibily inconvenient that we cannot charge the Quest 2 whilst it is being secured correctly in position inside the official Quest 2 carrying case accessory? 

The oversite of this rather basic and somewhat fundamental concept makes the useability of this accessory so much less practical and is the only reason I wouldn't recommend it to anybody else.


To mitigate this problem, I simply charge the headset before putting it in the case. Or I will sort of prop the headset up with the charging port end sticking up to allow extra space for the cable to pass through. 

I've looked around online a bit and haven't found much regarding this exact topic. So I figured where better than to post on the official community forums and see if anybody else has any ideas or workarounds. 


Level 4

I feel you on that, super frustrating. I usually charge it and turn it off before I put it in the case so Ill be good to go next time im ready to play. I used to just turn off the screen but came back to a dead battery too many times. Case would get bumped or knocked and turn on the screen again.


It wouldn't be too hard to incorporate some type of charging system within the case, even DIY. I have pretty good luck with an aftermarket 90 degree head charging cable. Its kind of snug but i can close the top while its charging. Thought about using my dremel to carve out a section of the case to allow for a regular charging cable to be plugged in. I like to tinker with stuff so I actually have a few ideas on how to modify it.