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Quest 2 Setup issues

Level 2

Hello! I'm a quest 2 content creator who recently got a very weird bug that said "Tracking lost" and wouldn't allow my controllers to pair. So I thought it was a bug since the Version 27 update is extremely buggy. I performed a factory reset but then EVERYTHING went downhill. My controllers wont pair. I've tried 3 different devices with different Facebook accounts and nothing will make them work. I keep getting errors like Oculus-setup Disconnected. My quest FREQUENTLY backscreens making it impossible to complete the setup. My quest refuses to update or connect to my internet and it wont track ANYTHING. No matter what environment I am in or what WIFI I am trying to connect to my quest doesn't work at all. I've had so so so many problems with my quest dating back to the third day i got it my controller started making a clicking noise. I don't care @MetaQuestSupport if I need to send in an RMA or if you want to fix it. I just need my quest 2 working. I'm open to ideas and possible fixes but right now I'm stuck. Thanks


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot this matter. We'd like to help you out further, can you please click here to submit a ticket? Thanks!

I just bought mine out the box it’s saying tracking lost but it’s flashing it try to get the pairing number an now I’m stuck help