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Quest 2 disconnecting from pc

Level 3

My quest 2 is connected by usb C via the official link cable straight into my usb C port on the pc. It all works fine until after I've played for 2-3 hours (RaceRoom normally) and then my game (in the headset) just freezes and throws me back to Steam VR Home. The game is still running on the monitor and the VR is sometimes still running but I have to reload the game as the quest 2 thinks I've quit out the game.

Its not Steam VR as I can load up RaceRoom with another VR program for the quest 2 and again it lasts 2-3 hours then crashes with an hourglass indicator on a white screen constantly spinning (I think that's the other VR programs version of going back to its Home) 

I've heard reports about the quest 2 going into high powered mode which may be causing the issue?

I get about 2.5-2.9 data transfer speed, I've reset the boundary etc but nothing seems to help

Any help or advice is appreciated




Level 2

I'm also having the same issue when iRacing. Middle of a race the headset kicks me out to the oculus homescreen and my race continues. Connected with the recommended anker usb cord. And when I try to resume, the screen is flickering white until I close the race on my computer and reload.

Level 3

Are you running through steam VR on iracing or the native oculus VR?

Level 2

I believe through oculus.


I found another post yesterday saying it could be due to the headset being overcharged so today I'm going to let the battery drain and see if that helps.

I had the same issue but on Raceroom, it hasnt done it at all on iracing yet. I read about the overcharging too so I'l be interested to see how you get on mate.

I spoke to oculus support and they said make sure windows Game Mode is switched to off and your GPU drivers are up to date as well 👌🤝

So did everything you mentioned and drained the headset to 60ish% with no luck.


Do you have AMD GPU? Got popup sometimes during the disconnect saying my drivers timedout. Tried undervolting GPU and played for 3 hours yesterday no disconnects so that may be a fix