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Quest 2 freezing

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I'm having serious trouble with my headset. I am barely able to use it because of this. My Quest 2 keeps freezing and becomes unresponsive for up to a minute every 1 - 30 seconds and it's really bad. It happens everywhere, even when I first start up the headset. It will show passthrough just fine, but the menu is either frozen or just completely gone with zero tracking. In Beat Saber, whenever I start a game (If I even can without getting really annoyed from the freezing), the game shows a black screen with the 3 loading dots every couple of seconds, while the game is still running. I can pause, but when my vision comes back and I unpause, after a couple of seconds it just pauses again. I can unpause, then a couple of seconds later, the cycle repeats. It happens during gorilla tag as well, just without pausing.

if Im not playing a game, or just in the oculus menu while in Beat Saber or another game, the whole headset frequently freezes, I can't press any buttons and tracking is non-extant until it ends, which, can last up to a minute. When I tried to record it, I pressed record, but as soon as it froze, the recording ended.

I cannot use my headset in these conditions, it's immersion-breaking and interruptive. Some help would be nice.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot this matter on your end! We'd be happy to continue working on this with you. Can you please click here to submit a ticket along with a full list of troubleshooting steps tried? Thanks!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

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I actually may have solved the issue. It may have had something to do with the sensor that determines if the headset is being worn. While I was connected to PC VR, my headset kept going to sleep while I was wearing it. My screen would go black, and after a couple of seconds it would go to sleep. To try and solve this issue, I put something (One of my controllers wrist straps (Don't worry, I had VR Cover knuckle straps)) in between the lenses, in front of the sensor. This stopped most to all of my freezing issues. This was the only thing that has done anything to solve my issue - I even factory reset my headset!

I don't know why the sensor was bugging out, or why putting something in front of it fixed the issue, but at least I can use my headset reliably now.