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Quest 2 is my first VR

Level 2

quite exceptional. I don’t fine the actual visual aspect of it to be all that amazing, but the controllers are something magical.

I leave VR I feel disconnected and as if my hands don’t belong to me.
It takes hours for things to feel “normal”. Does this wear off? It’s not
actually unpleasant, but it is strange. I kind of like it.

cubes in the intro app was such an amazing experience that I actually,
and legitimately, went “holy shit”. It was ridiculously awesome. Since
then I’ve purchased and play the hell out of superhot and beat saber,
and it’s just ruining 2D games for me. I’ve had many friends now try it
and all of their reactions are equally amazed. None of them know what VR
is, or just heard it in passing. Even my Wife, who has played maybe two
games in her entire life, is bragging to her friends about how awesome
this thing is...

I’m pissed at the
mandatory Facebook thing, but overall I’m very very impressed with
where all of you have helped craft in VR. So... wow.

Thought you’d all like to know my experience.


Level 7
The weird feeling after taking off the helmet does wear off. My first VR was the CV1 back in 2016 and this is the exact same post we all posted back then lol.
Welcome and glad you're here! The more of us there are, the more content will be made for us and I personally can't wait for what lies ahead.