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Quest 2 (native) in game twitch chat overlay

Level 2

So currently, you cannot natively use any type of overlay while playing oculus in it's native state.  That means if you stream, you can't see your chat without taking of your headset or switching applications... cumbersome. 


Yes, you can use virtual desktop, oculus rift(link), and steamvr. That's great if you want to stream those games on those platforms. BUT if we want to play sidequest games or games we have purchased on the oculus store, we can't view our twitch chat at all. There is no work around to that outside of the those virtual systems.  This makes viewer interaction very difficult .


We need a feature that allows us to do this natively on the oculus quest 1&2.  Maybe a browser extension that can stay put in game. Something is really needed. This would be useful not only for twitch, but for in game browser viewing and such. This is a very needed comfort option that id be willing to pay money for... 


Please oculus... Can you make this happen?!