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Quest 2 or Quest+ should be powered by Bionic A13

Rising Star

Just Noticed Apple is about to release Iphone SE 2020 with super souped up BIONIC A13 chip .  just have look at the mad raw power this chip has, its time Oculus must snapskip using those Snapdragons & shift Quest to Bionic A13. its sheer powerhouse. Many will say its not gonna happen, cause the apple is closed eco system and many other things.. Now lets not forget on today's date Apple does not have any VR headset, its more believer of AR and Oculus isn't a smart phone maker and not even remotely in competition of apple in any way. So why not try and procure those A13 for Quest2 hell just give me A13 powered Quest+ , Apple is offering A13 along with 3GB ram and 64GB storage in phone shell at $400 so if negotiated for A13 in large number i don't think it can make quest hellish expensive. This is time FB must look towards Apple .... Performance Images from Anandtech a reliable source. qbk3oi4lwwtq.pngfri7pkasb5ib.pngne