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Quest 2 very blurry. Refresh and res wont change.

Level 2

I bought the Quest 2 last night at BestBuy, with an elite strap and Oculus Link cable. Although the VR experiences overall were very impressive, the hardware issues have me on the fence on whether to return it.

The problems are clarity. No matter how I adjust the lenses, the angle of the headset, or how tight it is against my face, everything is extremely blurry. At first I asked myself, is it my eyes? However, I can see pixelation easily at edges, and I can see very fine 'scan lines' going horizontally. There is also around a 5 percent area in the very middle that has more clarity than the rest of the image, although it's also blurry. I can see chromatic aberration around the perimeter of my view. Text is especially 'jittery' and blurry. On one game license agreement I couldn't even read the text. The quality of the image to me looks like something less than even 720p on a 27 inch display. I was certainly not expecting the sharpness of my 1440p 27 inch monitor, but this is definitely unacceptable. Is there anything I can do for this problem, or is this the inherent quality of the display? I was expecting them to cut corners considering the price, but this is one area where you can't cut corners this much, if that is the case.


Something very odd to me is that I've gone into Oculus Link app on my computer and changed the display settings several times. I've gone from the lowest res setting up to the highest and there is no difference in sharpness. I've also changed the refresh from 72 to 90 and back again many times but the refresh seems to be stuck at 72. I can easily tell if it has changed simply by keeping my eyes still on my black wallpaper background and move the mouse, easily seeing the distance between each frame. It's not changing, and the frame rate feels exactly the same. Going into a game also feels like 72 hz.


That brings me to another issue. Out of 4 Steam apps tested, only one worked. Nvidia Funhouse. Rec room, VR chat, and No Man's Sky all started as the desktop version, windowed at times, even after specifying VR version, and I had no control.


My system is a Z370, 8700K @ 4.6, 2080ti ROG Strix, 16 GB @ 3733, and I've tried the USB-C on the motherboard and also the video card itself. Haven't checked Nvidia CP for anything but I have no idea how all this VR stuff works yet on the technical end.


How does this display compare to something like a Valve Index, or other head sets? I'd easily keep the Quest 2 if I could just get a sharper image and higher frame rate going. I could even deal with the aberration and even more blurry perimeters, but the overall severe lack of sharpness is pushing me away.


Level 7

You didn't even mention if you changed the ipd adjustment of the three settings. Find out what your ipd is with the phone application or using a ruler looking at a mirror I believe. If your eyes qualify then you have defective lenses and just have to get a replacement for the whole headset.

I tried all 3 settings. The middle one worked best for me but didn't solve the blurry/soft image.

Level 7

First of all, I feel you're using v27 PTC (PC app version). DIsable PTC option & use v26.

So... are you talking about Link? Did you check encode resolution width & bitrate? If render resolution if high but encode resolution is low, the image will be blurry. And low bitrate makes noises. We can change them via debug tool. Oculus -> Support -> oculus-diagnotics. Let's try to set encode resolution width 3664 & bitrate 300 or higher. After typing, press enter key & restart with Service -> Restart Oculus Service.

Level 2

Sorry I didn't see where to find the encode res and bitrate. I tried everything else I've read about though like Sidequest and upping textures, adjusting IPD, changing res in the Oculus app , devices area. I ended up returning the Quest 2 earlier today. They didn't have another unit for me to test so I will just try a Valve Index and see if I get different results. I didn't see this post before taking it back and didn't know about the diagnostics tool. Definitely seems like it could have been a bitrate issue. Everything looked highly compressed.

Level 11

While I haven't used a  Valve Index, the Cosmos Elite is suppose to have a better screen resolution then the Quest 1. And to be honest, I found it to have a blurrier image then the Quest 1 due to the IDP range being smaller then the Quest 1. Neither were quite large enough for me due to my IDP being about 80, and the neither quite able to accommodate it. I'm hoping that the Quest 2 can account for wide spaced eyes better.

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