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Quest 2 won't find my router


I got my Quest 2 today and it works fine but I have some serious WiFi Issues. Basically, the Quest 2 gives me a full list of every WiFi-Network near me with even the ones that I have never seen but not my router. It can also connect to my iPhone Hotspot without any problems. My router uses 2,4GHz only and is not capable of 5GHz. 

I changed the SSID, I switched from WPA2 to WPA + WPA2, Made a guest-network but still no sign of my router. Therefore I am stuck in the setup process.


status update: I got it fixed. My frequency band was using channel 13 and every other network channel 11. So all I did was changing the frequency band from channel 13 to channel 11 and it worked.


Thanks in advance