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[Quest] Controllers stuttering using Link

Honored Guest

I am using the official Link cable and I noticed that when I switch to the Rift page (I mean when you enable the Link Beta App) the controllers seem to be less fluid, they seems to be sampled at lower frequency than when Link is not connected (I would say almost half the original frequency).

I think this was not happening before, but I am not 100% sure, so I don't know if it is due to a software upgrade or it was always there but I didn't notice since I was too excited by the new toy!  🙂

My configuration:
CPU: i7 6700K@4500MHz
GPU: RX5700 XT (Sapphire Nitro+)
RAM: 16GB@3200MHz
USB 3 bandwidth: 1.6GByte (as detected by Oculus app)

Honored Guest

jseams said:

Ok, I think I know what you are describing - yes, its normal. I think they use a predictive algorithm to smooth movement too - which makes the controller movement seem a bit ... off and artificial with Link. It "smooths" the motion a bit and makes it feel, soft? I'm having a hard time describing it but I think I know what you are meaning now. 

Actually is the opposite, it seems to be less smooth with the Link.
When I use the Quest without Link, the controllers move very smoothly and it seems to look at real controllers in real life, so my brain can believe that is almost real. While with Link I can recognize that something is a little off, the controllers seems to move a little jerky, it is like when you watch a 60FPS video and then you switch to 30FPS, you can recognize that there is something off, less real, less fluid.