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Quest / Go Build 16.0 Release Notes

Retired Support
Update 4/27/2020: Hey everyone - just wanted to give you a heads up that you should expect to see another software update, which will begin rolling out to a percentage of users today. This hotfix fixes a bug that sometimes caused sideloaded applications to disappear from users’ libraries. Thanks to everyone who reported the bug and for your patience while the team worked to address it!


  • We’ve added the option to swap the Oculus button functionality to the left Touch controller and the Menu button functionality to the right Touch controller. You can find this option by navigating to Settings > Device > Controllers.
  • You can now turn off or lower the intensity of Touch controller vibration. This can also be found in the Settings > Device > Controllers menu.


  • You can now set up your roomscale Guardian boundaries without controllers by using hand tracking instead.
  • The Passthrough view can now be selected as your Home Environment. Navigate to Settings > Virtual Environment to check it out!


  • When browsing the Facebook app on your phone, you may see an option to “Open in VR” for certain content. Clicking this button will launch that web content on your headset when you put it on.
  • Parties has received a variety of quality improvements. This includes updates to the party invite flow and clearer notifications upon joining a Party.
  • You can now send and receive clickable links through Chats. Clicked links will open in a web browser.
  • Opening a new chat in VR will automatically open the keyboard.
    • Please note that this change is an experiment that only a percentage of users will see.
  • User-created events now allow you to easily start a chat thread with all users who have been invited.
    • Please note that this feature is only available to a percentage of users at this time.
  • When unsubscribing from an event, you will now be prompted to confirm your decision.
  • A new friends panel has been added to the right side of the Explore panel.
    • Please note that this feature is only available to a percentage of users at this time.
  • The Scoreboard app will now allow you to recommend a game to a friend.
    • Please note that the Scoreboard app is still only available to a percentage of users at this time. This change will only be visible to those users and you will only be able to recommend a game to users who also have access to the Scoreboard app.


  • A delay caused by enabling the Passthrough Shortcut in the new user experience has been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the headset to hang on the Oculus boot logo.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app preview page to scroll when only scrolling the app’s ratings and review panel.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Oculus Link from launching correctly after reconnecting Quest to your PC.
  • Fixed an issue that caused controllers to disappear when Hand Tracking was enabled while using Oculus Link.
  • General Link stability improvements.

is the new ui fixed?


Not applicable
Will be interesting to see how many days it takes this one to come down the pike to my Quest this time.

My in VR notifications seem to not work at all.  I've even reset to
factory defaults and nada.  No low battery warnings, no friend reqs
notifications, no app install success messages..   DND is off, and all
notifications are on.  Any ideas?

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My experimental menu is missing, how can I bring it back?

have you got update 16

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My experimental menu is missing, how can I bring it back?

Reboot your Quest ?

Has the system driver crash with passthrough (link) been fixed that prevents people like me from drawing their Guardians? This should be a critical fix, especially if we want to be able to use passthrough as our home environment.

Honored Guest
At the risk of sounding like a complete dummy, where did "Unapproved Sources" go in the latest update?

Nvmd. I always miss the scroll bars.