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Quest+Link: Issues with Oculus crashing randomly, black screens on Quest, driver crashes etc



Across all of our development machines, with recent Oculus updates (Quest / Desktop), we're getting very frequent crashes and lots of issues with link. These have started a couple weeks ago and seem to get worse with each update. Sarcastically, the recent "Link is now out of beta" was the worst, leading to crashes as frequent as "every 2min" or randomly every ~15min.

By now we identified some patterns of this behavior, so hopefully this helps to get to the bottom of this. Currently we're blocked from doing any kind of presentations, internal reviews, etc., because the platform itself is crashing so much.
We verified that this is not specific to some apps or in-development pieces that we're using - the crashes happen with the official Oculus samples just as well.

At this point we're not sure if they're Unity specific (we're developing on Unity).


Oculus app running, Link connected, Unity running
- occasional (sometimes every 2min, sometimes every 30min) Oculus crash
- sends "OVR.wantsShutdown" to Unity, stops VR from working
- Oculus restarts automatically but Unity doesn't recover
- ending play mode and starting play mode in Unity again does not resolve, needs resolution [1]

Oculus app running, Link not connected
- after clicking "Oculus Link" in Quest, screen goes black. No reaction to any button presses. Need to unplug cable, then immediately back in Quest Home.
- plugging cable back in asks for Link connection, but screen just goes black
- resolution [1]

Oculus app running, Link connected, Unity running in VR
- symptoms: black flash on screen, then couple seconds where VR still works, then VR breaks, Oculus app restarts
- sometimes resolution [1] helps, but mostly not
- resolution [2] helps

Sometimes, conditions not clear:
- Oculus does not crash, Link connected, but starting VR in Unity and other apps yields black screen, no head motion
- after manually disabling link, it can't be enabled anymore (immediate "error occured", back in Quest home)
- resolution [3] (PC restart, likely USB driver crash?)

Resolution steps

[1] restarting applications
- close Oculus
- close any running app accessing Oculus

[2] rebooting Quest
- close Oculus
- reboot Quest

[3] rebooting everything
- reboot Quest
- reboot PC

Looking forward to input on this. Happy to provide logs if you tell me which ones. This is affecting multiple unrelated machines, all on Windows 10, across Unity 2019 and 2020.

Some of this is reliably reproducible.

I'm documenting the steps and behaviors that I'm doing right now here. Sorry that this became a long list, but it should give you an idea of how difficult it currently is to develop for Oculus Quest with Unity. We're experiencing this daily.

I marked unexpected / buggy behaviours in bold.

- make sure Quest is connected to PC but Link is OFF
- create new project in Unity 2020.2
- add ProjectSettings > XR Plugin Management
- enable Oculus Plug-In Provider
- select GameObject > XR > Convert Main Camera To XR Rig
- switch to Android build target (not sure if this is required)
- press Play in Unity (note: Oculus app will start automatically)
- note: no XR as expected (Link is not connected)
- stop playing in Unity
- "enable Link" from within Quest
- note error message, "PC Disconnected" and immediately back to Quest home
- repeat, nore Error does not go away
- try to quit Oculus Home on desktop (note: no reaction, not able to quit Oculus home)
- unplug cable from Quest
- note: immediately Oculus Home displays "Are You Sure?" and warns that this will close running VR apps (note: no VR app is running, Unity is not playing anymore)
- press "Close", Unity does not close, as expected
- in Quest, click "enable Link" again
- note that Quest goes black, Oculus Home desktop starts, but then Quest says "PC disconnected"
- close Unity
- disconnect Quest
- reconnect Quest
- click "Enable Link"
- same pattern, "PC disconnected"
- close Oculus Home
- wait 30s
- disconnect Quest
- reconnect Quest
- click "Enable Link"
- note: Quest shows 3 dots pattern on black screen, no further activity
- press "Home" button right controller
- note: 3 dots pattern goes away, black screen only, no further reaction to button presses
- powercycle Quest
- click "Enable Link"
- note that immediately Link is active and working, in Rift home
- restart the same Unity app
- press Play
- note all is working as expected (see image in Quest, can move head)
- stop Play
- close Oculus Home
- note: question: "Are you Sure? Closing .. will also close apps" pops up
- press "Close", note Unity stays open
- disconnect Quest
- press play in Unity
- note this starts Oculus again, no image as expected (no headset)
- connect Quest, enable Link, back in Oculus Rift home
- press play in Unity
- note: black screen in Unity & Quest
- stop play, press play, screen stays black
- restart Unity
- press play, issue resolved

Hello herbst, Is there any solution or workaround for this? I have the same issue, and I think the same here as well:
Thanks, Richard

Honored Guest
Did you get any resolution on this? I'm going to start another post as my issue is actually a bit worse. And it only appears to be recent updates either to Unity or Link. It actually seems to short circuit my power adapter - and it's completely reproducible. It works okay if I have nothing really in the scene, but as soon as I add terrain or almost any object, my comp shuts off the power adapter and it crashes. Every single time.