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Quest Link does not work anymore after the Update.

Level 2
So I was using my Quest with the Oculus-Link on my Computer. Since the update, whenever I try to connect it the Oculus App on my Computer says "You need a newer version of the Oculus App, please Update". 
When I click on "Update now" it takes me to my library, but no updates are shown. 


Level 10
Are you running version 12 software on both PC and Oculus Quest Headset?

Level 5
yes you need on both ! just join public test channel like i did on the windows pc app and it forces it through,played boneworks for 2hrs lastnight with no problems 

Level 2
Thank you very much!

Level 3
I turned on ptc then I update and it just ask me to update again in a loop and won't let me turn on virtual desktop, says something about audio missing from my headset 

I need to look into nvidia drivers, updated those as but now saying cannot find nvidia control panel, doubt that has anything to do with it.