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[Quest2] Laptop GTX 1650 Ti - Will it run VR?


Hey everyone! I am seriously on the fence about buying a Quest 2 Headset for both standalone and PC VR gaming, but me being on the fence is more due to the PC VR aspect. I will not buy this headset if I can't play certain PC VR games (Like SkyrimVR or MinecraftVR), but I've heard sometimes people with unsupported cards can only play SteamVR, which is okay for me.


I also worry about latency issues since I know my GPU is unsupported and I will have to use Virtual Desktop, but my Laptop has no ethernet port so I wonder if my connection will lead to high latency lag in PC VR.


For more of an idea of my specs, I have an i7-10750H CPU, a GTX 1650 Ti GPU, and 16 GB RAM. As for WiFi, my modem is an XFinity Advanced Gateway with a 2.4/5 GHz dual channel. My WiFi plan encompasses a 200 Mbps download, too... 


For some more context, I can run games like The Witcher 3 on medium-high settings with very smooth and stable frames. 


I also passed the Steam VR Readiness Tool, which said my Laptop was "VR Ready", but I know that tool is a bit outdated. Any advice?


EDIT: I also am not a picky gamer. I will always lower settings for performance improvements. I should rephrase my question to "Can I play VR Smooth on Low-Medium Settings", because I do NOT care much for being able to play on High or Ultra settings in most games. For me, just having a stable 50-60 FPS would be nice.


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İ ve a 1050ti laptop and can play most of the games smooth on low settings 60-90 fps with virtual desktop on 5ggz modem

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Lowering settings will get you perfect performance at 72HZ. I tried 1650 non TI and it ran pretty well at low and recomended res. Not the best experience IMO but it's better than not playing i think