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If I broke one of my oculus controllers where would I get a new one or get one repaired


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You need to be a bit more specific. What is your Oculus? Quest, Quest 2, Rift(cv1), Rift S. Some controllers are unavailable, some you order from the website.

No repair service is available for Oculus products. These are like single use plastics, they break and go in the bin or ocean.


For Rift(CV1), you're out of luck. Try 2nd hand on ebay.


For Quest


For Rift S

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that's a good question. i am into electronic repair and i specialize in input/output devices. the thing about fixing the touch 2 controller is that replacement parts for it are not at all available. so repair is hard to do without these resources. i'd recommend buying protective devices like travel cases, palm strap grips, and protect them from temperature extremes, liquids or kinetic trauma. you may also choose product insurance plans like squaretrade. worst thing that would happen is you'll need to order a new one.