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Replacement Facecover

Level 3

So Quest issues a recall and asks me if I want a new facial interface.  Sure.  Then they say "no dice - not until you give us your phone number".  No.  I will not give my phone number to Fakebook.  I have zero faith they will keep it secure and private.  Now what?  


I guess you buy a third-party face cover or do without. Did you set your quest up without connecting it to a phone?

Level 5

It's odd that facebook wouldn't have your number. You have to use the phone app to set it up, do you not? I have not seen an email like this on my end, maybe I missed it and that's why I haven't got the new cover? I block all numbers on my phone unless your in my contacts so, doesn't really matter to me if facebook sells my phone number to scammers.

Also, you'd have to provide your address for delivery - are you happy for Facebook to have that?

I used my laptop to set up my Quest.  I wasn't aware you could use a cell phone.

I don't see how Fakebook would get my number.  I'm sure not giving it to them.

I'm not even slightly happy with Fakebook having AN address for delivery - but at least it isn't MY address.  Not something I would trust with them with.

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But yet you bought a product from "Fakebook" as you call them.

You know they are all about data mining right? That is what supplements the cost of the Quest 2.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, the reason we request your phone number is the same reason we request it for any orders - it's provided to the courier handling your order so that they can contact you in regards to your delivery if need be. If you have any further questions or concerns about the replacement process. please click here to submit a ticket. Thanks.

I didn't think you could setup a Quest 2 on anything except an Android or IOS device. The setup process is pretty explicit about that. Was your device new or second-hand?