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Request for Help - Oculus RMAed 2 months ago

Honored Guest

I'm hoping someone in the community has been able to successfully get a replacement headset sent back to them, and would like to know how they did this.


Here is the nightmare I am currently in:

- Purchased new headset via Amazon on August 27th (delivered August 29th)

- After about 2 weeks I start getting "Tracking Lost" constantly.  Trying different things would bring it back, but it eventually gets to the point that I have to factory reset it in order to get tracking back.

- On September 20th I open a support ticket with Oculus asking for advice.  I get the standard canned response for troubleshooting the headset.  Immediately responded that I had tried everything they listed already.

- 2 weeks later (10/3) I finally get a response with more detailed steps to try, but I had already done those (and then some).

- 10/4 response asking me for shipping instructions, which I provide immediately.

- 10/5 reach out asking what else they are needing from me.

- 10/6 response saying they are continuing to look into the problem.

- 10/9 they tell me my replacement is processed and ask me to ship back just the headset.  I ship it back that day.

- 10/11 they receive the damaged headset.

- 10/21 after not hearing anything for 10 days I reach out for an update, and get no response.

- 10/30 I reach out to RyanS on these forums to see if he can help, and he was probably the most helpful person I got to work with.  He figured out my headset was the newer models (128gb model they sold after they recalled the bad ones), and because of that they would be replacing my headset with a new model.

- 10/30 I reach out again for an update, and get a response saying they will look into my request.

- 11/4 I get a response saying they verified my headset was scanned in at the warehouse and they would check with them to see when a replacement should ship.  Says to give her a couple of business days.

- 11/10 I request another update as I have not heard anything.  I get a response that they are working with the logistics team to push my order up in the queue.

- 11/14 I request another update and hear back that they are still waiting to hear back from logistics.  This support person mentions being compensated for my ordeal.

- 11/24 I update my ticket and ask for my money to be refunded for what I spent on the headset.  My level of frustration was maxed out knowing you could walk into any Target, Wal-Mart, Microcenter, or Best Buy in my town and buy a brand new 128 gb headset.  I get an apology that they are still working on it, and updated my ticket to "urgent."

- 12/1: I request a phone number of someone that I can talk to within support to try and get this resolved.

- 12/4 I get a response that the warehouse is experiencing some backlog and they have been pushing for an update on when my item will ship.


Does anyone have any advice of what the heck I can do at this point?  I went so far as to contact Amazon to ask them what would happen if I requested a chargeback on my credit card.  I wanted to know if that would impact Amazon only, or if they would go after Facebook to get the money refunded to them.  She told me that unfortunately it would only affect them so I didn't go through with it.


Thanks for any advice.





I am n the same boat. Sent mine in months ago. Been getting run around ever since. Specialized team handling it. Always same bs. They just told me I would be compensated for my time when I finally get it back in the form of store credit. It better be like 1000 dollars because I have wasted at least 80 hours trying to get my headset back.


Thanks for pointing out this issue!


I bought a Q2 kit from Amazon a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it everyday. However, my headset from time to time will display a 'error message' mentioning that the internal fan is malfunctioning and the headset may over heat. As the error message suggested, I contacted Oculus support.


While their first response was useless (canned) they did finally say that they wished to replace it and emailed a shipping label while mentioning that once Oculus received the Q2 kit, ~3-5 days later they will ship out a replacement.


Given delays in shipments (to/from Oculus) AND their 3-5 days before actually sending a replacement, I'm figuring on ~3 weeks without a headset using Oculus support.


Recall I bought the kit from Amazon and there's a 1/2 dozen stores down the street that sell the same devices for the same cost!


So in a nutshell, I'm going to start a Amazon return/refund and once approved I'll just drop by a local store and pick a new unit up.