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I semt my occulus back a week a go under warranty  but havent heard nothing back yet ? How long does it take to send a replacement?

I don't know.
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Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.

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Community Manager
Hey @synthkid I see that the return was received, and the replacement was booked. You should have an update soon via email regarding the replacement shipment. Typically it's 3-5 business days after the return is received for the RMA to be processed on our end.
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Don't hold your breath. I returned mine and it was received over a week ago according to the shipping tracker.

I was told 2 to 3 days, but i chased them today as they had offered no updates.
I got confirmation that it was received but that are busy and I need to wait another 5 days. I suspect they have supply issues and none in stock. It's a full kit not sure what the delay is 

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I made a big mistake and tried to use the support rather than returning my headset and simply buying a new one after it died 3 weeks after I got it.  It has been 1.5 weeks and I dont even have a shipping label yet.  They are "looking into it"....  They claim it takes about 10-12 business days by the time I have the label but keep saying they "are experiencing higher than normal volume".  In total im expecting that ill have my headset working in about 6 weeks from the time I contacted them.

Tip:  If you can return it then DO NOT CONTACT SUPPORT - just return it and buy a new one.