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Right Eye casting/recording!

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Please add a setting to switch which eye is recorded/casted!

How do you record games?
I want to use oculus mirror plus shadowplay (geforce experience) with flight simulator 2020, however, anytime the oculus mirror is on top, flight simulator will not accept keyboard commands and the mouse is unusable. I see many videos on youtube, all with mouse working. 
So what I'm doing wrong?

PS: In the oculus mirror page you can find the string in order to record either the left, right or both eyes. It should be enough to create a link to the program, and inside the link properties type the command: OculusMirror.exe --RightEyeOnly       in the command line.
I have not tried yet, but I'll do as soon as I fix my issues.

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When using sidequest if you use the streaming button it records the right eye.

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Would love to have this as a setting as well!

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Yes, I'd very much like an option for this as well. I'm right-eye dominant and all my ADS is from the other eye.. looks off

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Please fix this majority of people are right handed and therefore aim with their right eye so recording left eye makes our videos useless please i cant stress this enough paying $300 for a vr headset and not being able to have an option that helps me make videos that show through the right eye is ridiculous this needs to be fixed 

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Ive reached out to oculus about this let’s just keep asking and we may receive come on oculus can we get right eye recording/casting