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Right saber wanders off

Level 2

Just got my Quest 2 about a month ago. Quickly I have fallen in love with Beat Saber. Only problem being, the right controller (saber) will randomly wander off in the middle of a song!! Very very frustrating, especially when I'm hitting a certain groove! It always happens at least once, if not more, every single time I play. I've read about a lot of other people that have encountered the same issue. Has anyone found a resolution? Has Oculus acknowledged with a plan to remedy? Happy playing!


Level 2

I have the same problem.  When I bought the Quest 2 I also fell in love with Beat Saber.  After about a week I noticed the issue getting worse, mostly the right controller but sometimes the left. Since I bought the Quest 2 the only changes I've made are installing games, there's 30GB in use. I've restarted the HMD, replaced the batteries in the controllers, disabled hand tracking and auto-detect, I've even tried playing with room lighting but same issue.

Level 7

I had this issue for a long time with my quest 1.  What fixed it for me was either new batteries, cleaning the cameras on the HMD and adjusting my room lighting.  If it was too bright or too dark it would happen.  I have two 60w equivalent daylight bulbs set to around 60%.  If you're using rechargeable batteries try standard batteries to see if that fixes it; there's a slight voltage difference which can cause issues sometimes.  The quest controllers seem to be slightly more sensitive to that difference than other electronics so if using a standard battery fixes the problem you may need to invest in some 1.5V lithium ion rechargeables if you don't want to keep throwing out batteries.

Quest 1, i5-8600K at 4.7 GHz, eVGA 1080 ti FTW3, Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming, 16 GB 3200 MHz

It's working better now.

I was using generic batteries so I replaced them with Duracell, upped my living room lights, and closed the blinds a little so it's not too bright when the sun is out.  I noticed at night it happens every now and then but it doesn't happen much during the day.  The way the lights are positioned in my living room it's as if the room is backlit, and softer on the other side.  So, as I move around I sort of have an idea of when it's going to happen based on which direction I am facing and where the light is.

Thanks again!