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Saved Files Disappear When WiFi is Turned Off

Oculus now has a great feature where you can cache/save media files at the highest resolution and watch them with no load lag. Upon saving, it says how big the file is and is saved in your "Media." Highly recommended!
Problem is, when I don't have WiFi, all the cached files disappear! See two images below. Turn on wifi and the cached files appear again. Why? How do I watch my cached media files when I have no wifi? They're on the headset. Where are they stored on the headset? How do I fix this?
 PS. Images waiting approval? I keep posting my two photos but they never appear? Why? How to contact moderator?






So some games have cloud sync, meaning they don't save locally to the quest but to a server.  The wifi is required to pull the save files from the server.


Thank you Pittcanna! I appreciate your reply time and efforts.


A download to server would explain the file loss with no wifi. However, then wouldn't the same download lags be evident when playing from the server. And when I save the file it tells me how much room it requires. So, I'm not yet totally convinced. 


My saved element never work!  Period.  Other users are complaining about the same thing.  Maybe it doesnt like the Nova range extender, I'm going to go closer to the base station and try off my base station Wifi