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Sick and tired of the constant updates ruining oculus link.


Around once every month there is a new update on oculus.

The oculus pc client updates automatically and the quest takes between 2-3 weeks to update.

This gives me the following problem.

Every 5 weeks I can't use my quest for 2-3 weeks with oculus link.

WHY is there not an option to choose if you want to update the pc client automatically (or not) so you can enjoy pc vr while waiting for the quest 2 update?

Then this problem of pc client Version X and quest Version Y => breaking link, would be solved forever.

Is this some kind of sick joke?! How can this not be possible?


Heroic Explorer

Yup, me too.

The pc app updated to v31 and of course I continue to wait for quest 2 update and the serious lag begins.

I've always had the bit rate set to 200.

I was on Reddit and one guy suggested turning the bit rate down to around 80.

That fixed the lag for my RTX 2070. Maybe try that and see if it helps.


Yes same here with the Quest one.

Since last update i getting Constant disconnections via Oculus link.

Before Update everything works fine for me with my setup.

It's really annoying when you have to pray with every update that everything will still work afterwards and you have no chance to reverse the whole thing.