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Since the Oculus Pc app update i got big stutter, texture error and less performance


Yesterday i tried to play and it was unplayable.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey MadDugQc!


Our newest update may require you to update your drivers and may require you to even repair our Oculus PC app, A handy article on how to do that can be found here (yes its Rift S stuff, but we promise the same rules apply when repairing and updating drivers).


If you have already tried those things then please shoot us a ticket at, or even just as a response here in this thread!


Another thing you'd be able to do is write us a bug report here so that we can track any new bugs and errors. It will give us a much better idea on current trends and hot topics like this!


We'll be around to help whenever you have the time 🙂 We hope the rest of your day goes by well and that it treats you just as well.

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

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Without details it's impossible for us to offer help. Native quest? Steam? Oculus via PC? "Less performance"? My headset is functioning just as it did before the recent update, but I've only played steamvr games. 

Oculus app PC pretty sure its mean Oculus via pc and the lag are pretty much whit steamvr on its like a bug that cannot manage well steamvr with oculus i have 10 fps in STRIVE VR and before i was running 120fps and when recording and streaming and my card was running a 50% i was having this when air link launch month ago but this was solving and now its come back fortunally virtual desktop work well i have an rtx 3070 so its really not hardward issue my card run easy-peasy the Quest 2