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Skin irritation

Honored Guest
When I use the quest 2 after like 1hours my face get irritating red spot under my eyes and its during 2-3 days. someone has the same problem as me ? 

I don't have the problem but I guess you may have some reaction to the foam padding. Maybe an alternative face pad might solve the problem. I can recommend the medical grade silicon covers from VRCover.
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Community Manager
Community Manager
Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns regarding this matter. We are investigating reports of facial skin irritation occurring after using the Oculus Quest 2 where the foam interface rests on the face. If you have any questions or need support, please click here for more information.
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Are you using the default strap? Even if you don't have an allergy, the Quest can still put a lot of pressure on your cheeks.

Some peoples' skin reacts strongly to pressure.

The Elite Headstrap helps a lot, and the Deluxe Audio Strap takes almost all the pressure off your cheeks.

The silicon covers are also nice. I can't stand getting my headset back with someone else's sweat on it. You can just wipe the silicon clean and it's hypoallergenic. So, I can second that.

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