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So many questions

Level 2

Firstly apologies I am new to vr and finding my way around it. It is brilliant and intuitive but I am stuck on a few things ( gulp.. tech)

1. How the heck to I get it up on my tv ? Just bought a Samsung frame and want to cast it which should be and I am sure is simple but I can’t figure it out ? I can get it to cast on my phone .

2 I plan to use vr as an adjunct to my therapy practice so this is my question. Are all the available apps just on the App Store for oculus or is there somewhere else to search?

3. I am looking for a vr view of the brain but can seem to find one that works on quest 2 ?

4.I can’t sign in to Amazon prime video using my normal account details so I have to sign up separately for a vr account . I can see the Amazon prime vr app and have downloaded it to oculus ?

5 . If I wanted to guide someone by being in an environment is that possible . Is 2 headsets on the same Facebook account or would they need to be seperate Facebook accounts?

that will do for now !! 
thanks in advance