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Stationary Guardian Stays visible until reboot

Honored Guest
Hello.  I am encountering a rather annoying persistent problem.  Most of the time when I start up my Oculus from a powered off state, the guardian circle will stay visible at all times.  This seems to happen pretty much every time I turn it on while outside the previous guardian zone. 

Upon startup, I reposition the stationary guardian and then open a game.  Then while the game is loading, I notice that the guardian circle is still active.  Close game.  Then reboot.  It's gotten to the point where I have to reboot the Oculus pretty much every time I turn it on because the guardian bugs out on me before I even open anything.

Rebooting the Oculus while inside the newly saved guardian seems to make the issue go away.  Though this is annoying to have to reboot every time I start up the Oculus to workaround this issue.  Is there something else I can do to stop this from happening?

Me too..and i see it in some FB Groups that many people have this problem. I hope it can be fixed soon. For now i always draw a roomscale guardian space which disappears correctly...the stationary guardian is very annoying to use with this bug. The wall gird disappears but the circle on the ground stays visible all the time.

Honored Guest
i have the same issue.  Logged a support ticket and got back generic answers for room scale boundary setup issues, nothing relevant to this stationary issue.  Looks like the support team needs some better training.