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SteamVR and HL: Alyx choppy on AirLink but not VD

Level 3

So Alyx used to work for me over AirLink but after I upgraded my PC and reinstalled everything, it's not. Both run fine on VD but I prefer AirLink for a bunch of reasons and would rather play it on that. 


I know it has something to do with the compositor as SteamVR has always been choppy for me (like it's running at the wrong refresh rate) but individual games are usually okay so long as they have an Oculus runtime / support the Oculus SDK.


I think Alyx used to run in Oculus mode before but for some reason insists on running in SteamVR mode now. I've tried all the usual solutions like turning off ASW in the Debug Tool and nothing works. 


My specs: 
RTX 2080 Super 

Ryzen 5 5600x