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SteamVR and Oculus Link stuttering and crashes, getting desperate

Level 2
My computer has an intel i7, AMD Radeon Dual RX5700XT, 16GB of RAM, I feel and read that that should be enough for SteamVR... but whenever I start it after connecting it with Oculus Link and start a game it stutters and crashes quite badly and I can't figure out why.

I downgraded my graphics driver to 20.9.1. after a support person on Reddit said to do that, but still the same issues.
Gave the ovr processes High priority, slight changes as it didn't crash anymore, still massive lags to unplayable
Tried buying Virtual Desktop + Sideload + adb drivers + usb debugging, it all loads and sideload shows a green dot, but when I launch SteamVR it says my headset is not connected.
SteamVR settings, i have no idea, turned off super sampling thoqah5agempte1.png

When it lags out it lags like it shows in the picture

Please any help or advice, I love this Quest 2 so much but without SteamVR I might just send it back...


Level 13
Virtual desktop doesn't really help with lag.   The best bet is go with link but you make sure render scales are not moved up too high.

Go to device setting in the occulus and make sure your at 1.0 to 1.3.  

Depending on what steam game your in don't go any higher than 1.0.

That said in the debug tool make sure encode is at about 500mbps.

Vr is also very cpu intensive so depending on what generation you are with your i7, make sure you are not running background apps.

When you want to virtual desktop you have to launch steam vr games from the games tab or inject them.

The games tab is brougut by pressing the left controller menu button in virtual desktop.

Level 2
I assume render scales is... Render Resolution? I had that on 1.0 the most, but slowly went down to nearly 0.4 just to see if it did anything. Nothing.
I have no idea how to use the debug tool to check encode speed.I opened it up and I could mirror the screen and enfore a bitrate (did 500) and it still dropped most frames.
As you can see in the screenshot from before, my CPU was not very busy during the times I dropped frames and froze

Level 2
if something finds this later and looks for the same issue:
- SteamVR Beta - opt into it
- AMD driver back to an older, working version
- better cable (not the official one, the best one is an Anker)
- Completely disabling Razers stupid RAM saving kit

All of it together finally did it

Level 2
read somewhere you should make sure your battery is above 60 percent

Level 4
Same issue here, X370 prime pro mobo, 3080 FE GPU, Ryzen 3900x, 32GB Ram and 850W PSU my specs are fine and things worked perfect when I had a 2080 GPU back in August.

Now when in SteamVR I get intermittent crashes of Link which happen when games are loading during the frame drop or when something big happens in game like when getting into a tank in Pavlov. 

The biggest issue is that when I restart link and re-plug in the Quest 2, I also have to restart SteamVR AND restart the game which is not ideal.

This issue also seems to happen with some oculus games and all the steamvr games I have played are using native oculus plugin too.