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Still no Messenger..


I have had the v25 update for a few weeks now.. and now today downloaded v26. Still absolutely no sign of Messenger integration...... I am getting fed up with the lackluster Party system, and how despite it showing "compatible" games that both support party chat as well as being titles friends in the party have, it still often kicks us out immediately... I was really looking forward to Messenger for better communication with friends. Why do I still not have it??


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I'm also still waiting for messenger to appear. also v26

I wonder if its a region thing? Maybe its being rolled out country by country. I'm in the UK btw.
I also really keen to try Facebook Horizon. I've applied to become a beta tester but no luck yet 😞


I am wondering about Messenger also. I am in the US, v27 Quest 2. No sign of messenger yet.

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there is a way but it kills the usability of messenger. get basti's vrshell intent launcher (you can find it in one of the mysticles video descriptions) then install the apk using sidequest or a apk installer, open the app inside the headset then switch from v27 to v26/v25 in the app then click on the thinf around the top left and find and click on AUI_Messenger and it'll let you use messenger, but if you close it you have to launch it with the app again which means you probably can't use it in-game. reply if you find a way to bypass this problem please and thank you.

i'm on version 28 now and still no messenger. it's not a region thing though my friend has got it and he lives about 2 miles from me.


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I reached out to Oculus support the other day asking when I would get Messenger and strangely enough two days later Messenger appeared on my Quest 2!.... Strange that! (not that I'm cynical or anything 🙂 )

I suggest contacting Oculus support via the Oculus app on your phone or by email and ask them when you're likely to get it. My feeling is the rollout is taking a long time but if you ask you'll get it now.

Hi Atila. Seems like the cynic in you was right 😄. Reached out as you suggested and within 2 days I was upgraded. Thanks for the advice 😊